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Welcome to Square Ring Dvds! Here we specialize in career sets of some of the greatest boxers to ever set foot in the ring. Some of the sets you'll find include 'The Greatest of All-Time' Muhammad Ali, 'Hands of Stone' Roberto Duran and 'The Prince' Naseem Hamed. You'll also see 'Sugar' Ray Leonard, 'Irish' Micky Ward and 'Iron' Mike Tyson; the careers of the legends from the island of Puerto Rico: Felix 'Tito' Trinidad, Edwin 'Chapo' Rosario, Hector 'Macho' Camacho, Wilfredo 'Bazooka' Gomez, 'John-John' Molina and Wilfredo 'El Radar' Benitez among others; Mexican greats, like Salvador Sanchez, Julio Cesar Chavez, Marco Antonio Barerra and Erik Morales. You'll also find local Miami prospects such as Gilberto 'Sugar' Reyes, Lenin 'Volcano' Arroyo and Francisco 'The Wizard' Palacios. My collection is growing with time, so check back often.

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Gentleman Gerry Cooney
Gerry Cooney and Me

Gerry Cooney and I at the Austin-Ibragimov fight at the Hard Rock Casino, FL.

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