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Top Ten Fighters: Nicaragua
1. Alexis Arguello

2. Rosendo Alvarez

3. Ricardo Mayorga

4. Eddie Gazo

5. Luis Alberto Perez

6. Raton Mejica

7. Luis Gutierrez

8. Adonis Rivas

9. Genaro Rios

10. Juan Palacios

Had a heck of a time figuring this list out after the top 3. This list is dedicated to Amy and Marco. And Sissi.

Top Ten Fighters: Britain

1. Lennox Lewis

2. Jimmy Wilde

3. Jim Driscoll

4. Ken Buchanan

5. Ted 'Kid' Lewis

6. Randy Turpin

7. Benny Lynch

8. 'Prince' Naseem Hamed

9. Chris Eubank

10. Nigel Benn

Another list that can easily be a Top 20. Honorable Mention go to Alan Minter, Freddy Welsh, Owen Moran, John Conteh. Joe Calzaghe should break this list, particularly should he end his career undefeated.

Top Ten Fighters: Mexico

1. Julio Cesar Chavez

2. Ruben Olivares

3. Salvador Sanchez

4. Erik Morales

5. Marco Antonio Barrera

6. Ricardo Lopez

7. Miguel Canto

8. Carlos Zarate

9. Vicente Saldivar

10. Humberto Gonzalez

This list should be a Top 20 or 30 due to the amount of great fighters out of Mexico. Morales and Barrera can flip-flop on this list, since they are still active. The honorable mention list would be too long as well.

Top Ten Fighters: Puerto Rico

1. Wilfredo 'Bazooka' Gomez

2. Felix 'Tito' Trinidad

3. Wilfredo 'El Radar' Benitez

4. Carlos Ortiz

5. Jose 'Chegui' Torres

6. Esteban De Jesus

7. Samuel 'El Torbellino' Serrano

8. Edwin 'El Chapo' Rosario

9. Hector 'Macho' Camacho

10. Alfredo 'El Salsero' Escalera 

Honorable mention go to Wilfredo Vazquez, John-John Molina, Juan La Porte and Pedro Montanez. Miguel Cotto could be making this list real soon.

All Time Top 10 List

Name your all time top 10 list of fighters in boxing history. Here is my list:

1. Sugar Ray Robinson

2. Muhammad Ali

3. Joe Louis

4. Sugar Ray Leonard

5. Roberto Duran

6. Marvin Hagler

7. Julio Cesar Chavez

8. Roy Jones Jr.

9. Jack Dempsey

10. Henry Armstrong

There's no particular order to my list, save for Ray Robinson. Marciano just misses the cut because of the quality of the heavyweight division during his time. Tyson would have made the cut if he wouldnt have signed on with Don King, which made him lose focus and spiral down. Hopkins is close to breaking the top ten...lets see his upcoming performance against Winky Wright.

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