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Hector Camacho Collection


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Hector Luis Camacho, one of five siblings, was born to Maria and Hector Camacho on May 24, 1962. Originally from Bayamon, Puerto Rico, the Camacho family moved to the east side of Manhattan, in 1967. Spanish Harlem, one of New York’s more demanding neighborhoods, was the environmental catalyst for what was to become Hectors’ calling. “When you grow up in the ghetto, you’ve got to be tough or fast” Camacho recalls, “Lucky for me, I was both!”

Camacho attended Catholic school, “…but I’m no choirboy,” he’s quick to remind, “I spent most of my time at The Boys Club; I wanted to be like Bruce Lee.” His drive and determination earned him a second-degree Black belt in American Go-Ju.

In 1978, Hector fathered the first of four sons; Hector "Macho" Camacho, Jr.  Hector Jr., a/k/a “Machito,” (Spanish for little macho,) is also a professional boxer, who at 26 years old currently boasts a record of 37-1-0, (20-KO).The three younger Camacho's Justin, MC and Tyler show promise in the sports arena. Justin plays basketball, MC is an up and coming Boxer, and Tyler also boxes. The 4 Camacho boys are Macho's pride and joy.

A three-time Golden Gloves Champion, Hector Camacho, Sr. began his formal boxing training at a local school. His natural talent and dedication to the sport secured him the World Championship at age 17, making him the second youngest World Champion in boxing history. Hector Camacho is 5’7”, and generally weighs in at 160 lbs. Although naturally right-handed, both he and his son box as southpaws.

The boisterous and ostentatious, Hector “Macho” Camacho went undefeated for more than 11 years. Throughout his career, he has defeated some very formidable opponents, including Rafael “Bazooka” Limón, Roberto Duran, Vinnie Pazienza, Ray “Boom-Boom” Mancini and “Sugar” Ray Leonard. By the end of 1996, he sported an impressive record of 64-3-1, (32) by knockout. Despite the three losses, “The Macho Man” was never knocked down or knocked out!

In 1997, Macho returned to the ring, and went the distance with Oscar de la Hoya. Despite the unfavorable decision, as Camacho puts it: “I’m no quitter!” and in 1998 he successfully defended his IBC Jr. Middleweight Title against Tony Menefee; a title that Camacho still holds today.

On July 14, 2001, Hector  added the NBA Super-Middleweight title belt to his collection, by defeating Roberto Duran in a long-awaited rematch. “The Macho Man” is now an eight-time World Champion, in six different weight classes; there are no other boxers in the world that can make that claim. Camacho currently has an impressive record of 78-5-2, thirty-eight (38) by way of knockout.

Currently fighting out of Weehawken, New Jersey, Hector “Macho” Camacho creates excitement, both in and out of the ring, and his flamboyant style and charismatic personality is unprecedented and legendary throughout the world. Boxing fans everywhere know exactly what time it is when Hector Camacho steps into the ring… Its Macho Time!
85 Bouts: 78-5-2 37 KOs.

vs Refugio Rojas
vs Rafael Limon
vs Rafael Solis
vs Louis Burke
vs Jose Luis Ramirez
vs Edwin Rosario
vs Cornelius Boza Edwards
vs Rick Souce
vs Ray Mancini
vs Vinny Pazienza
vs Tony Baltazar
vs Greg Haugen
vs Eddie Van Kirk
vs Julio Cesar Chavez
vs Felix Trinidad
vs Todd Foster
vs Luis Maysonet
vs Sal Lopez
vs Roberto Duran I, II
vs Craig Houk I, II
vs Ray Leonard
vs Oscar De La Hoya
vs Tony Menefee
vs Troy Lowry
vs Roger Mayweather
Hector Camacho W10 Pat Lawlor-(1994)
Hector Camacho KO7 Juan Arroyo (1995)
Hector Camacho KO9 Gary Kirkland (1995)
Hector Camacho W10 Melvin Paul  10-30-1982
Hector Camacho W10 Reyes Cruz
Hector Camacho W12 Roque Montanya  4-29-1985
Hector Camacho W10 Howard Davis Jr 5-2-1987-GOT d/l
Hector Camacho TKO7 Louis Loy     7-11-1982
Hector Camacho TKO4 Johnny Sato   8-28-1982
Hector Camacho W10 Greg Coverson  11-30-1982
Hector Camacho KO1 John Montes    2-12-1983
Hector Camacho vs Tony Baltazar   WBO 140
Hector Camacho vs Greg Haugen I   WBO 140
Hector Camacho vs Greg Haugen II  WBO 140
Hector Camacho vs Rusty Derwin
Hector Camacho vs Ken Siuarani  IBC 154
Hector Camacho W10 Franco DiOrio (1994)
Hector Camacho TKO9 Gary Kirkland- IBC Weleterweight Title (1995)
Hector Camacho W10 Danny Chavez (1995)
Hector Camacho W10 Patrick Goossen (1999)
Hector Camacho TKO5 Bobby Elkins (2000)
vs DeVorce (Amateur) - GOT d/l
Interview/Bag Workout - GOT d/l

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