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Tony Ayala Collection

El Torito

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Tony Ayala, born 13 February 1963, is a former junior middleweight boxer. He began his professional career in 1980, and by 1982 he had compiled a record of 22 wins and no losses, with 19 knockouts. His tough and aggressive fighting style with world class power especially in his left hook earned him the nickname "El Torito," the "Baby Bull."
On one occasion, he spit on his opponent after knocking him to the ground. He also admitted to using heroin before a fight on three occasions (his brother Mike also made allegations of using drugs before his world title fight against Danny Lopez).
In the summer of 1981, teenager Ayala was featured in a cover story of Sports Illustrated as a rising star in boxing. Veteran boxing writer Michael Katz claimed he was the best young fighter he had ever seen, Muhammad Ali's trainer Angelo Dundee said he thought Ayala could have been one of boxing's greatest fighters.
On September 14, 1981, he fought on the undercard of the legendary fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Thomas Hearns. After defeating Carlos Herrera at the end of 1982, he was scheduled to fight champion Davey Moore.
The fight was not to be. On January 1, 1983, Ayala burglarized the home of his neighbor, a young schoolteacher, and brutally sexually assaulted her. Although he was only 19 years old, Ayala had already been convicted twice of assaults against women. He had been given probation for these offenses. Under a repeat offender's law, he was sentenced to 35 years in prison. The prosecutor at trial argued the young boxer should serve the full term because he was a danger to the community.
Ayala was paroled from prison in 1999 and resumed his boxing career, winning six fights and losing two, the first to Yori Boy Campas.
However, his troubles with the law continued. In 2000, he was shot in the shoulder by a young woman after breaking into her home. He received probation and a brief jail term for this offense. In 2003, Ayala was charged with having sex with a thirteen year old girl, but the charges were dismissed when the girl said she lied about it. Finally, in 2004 Ayala was sentenced to ten years in prison for repeated probation violations.
33 Bouts: 31-2-0 27 KOs
vs Lamont Kirkland (Amateur)
vs Manuel Esparza
vs Carlos Maria Del Valle Herrera
vs Steve Gregory
vs Jose Baquedano Rendiz
vs Jerry Cheatham
vs Pat Hallacy
vs Mario Maldonado
vs Jose Luis Baltazar
Tony Ayala W10 Curtis Ramsey (1982)
Tony Ayala TKO8 JJ Cottrell (1981)
Tony Ayala W8 Mike Baker-GOT d/l
Tony Ayala Jr TKO1 Robbie Epps  8-1-1982 - GOT d/l
Tony Ayala Jr KO3 Carlos Herera  11-20-1982
Tony Ayala Jr KO4 Tony Menefee  12-11-99
Tony Ayala Jr TKOby9 Yori Boy Campas 7-28-2000 -Antonio
Tony Ayala Jr. TKO2 Manuel Lopez (2001)
Tony Ayala Jr W10 Santos Cardona (2001)
Tony Ayala Jr KO2 Urbano Gurrola 5-3-2002
Tony Ayala Jr TKOby11 Anthony Bonsante 4-25-2003
Tony Ayala W10 Nicanor Camacho (1981)
Tony Ayala- Real Sports (1998)


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